Gardening & Giftware

While you are in shopping for your plants, make sure and take some time to browse our gardening and giftware selection.  There are many hidden treasures to choose from.


We have a variety of giftware for your home including clocks, art decor, pictures, candles, oils and diffusers and much more.  If you have difficulty deciding on a gift we also have gift cards available so others can decide for themselves on the perfect item.  

We also bring in fresh veggies from Greenhouses in Red Cliff that include tomatoes, cherry tomatoes,  peppers, mini cukes, large Long English cukes.

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Gardening Supplies

We have all the gardening supplies you need to make your plants stay strong and healthy and your yard looking clean and beautiful.  We carry peat moss and potting soil in all different sizes, bark, rock and manure.  We also have chemicals and fertilizers to help feed your plants or get rid of any pesky bugs that you might have.  We have a large selection of seeds and bulbs for your gardens and beds.  If you don't have any pots or hanging baskets or would like to replace the ones you have we have a great selection of those as well - empty for you to design or already planted and ready to display.  Come have a look!